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A few weeks ago I was invited by Russ Grayson (journalist, author, photographer, permaculturist and environmentalist) to have a look around the Randwick Community Garden and Sustainability Hub and although I had heard a lot about it, I had never been, so I decided it was time to remedy that shortfall in my education.

The Randwick Community Garden and Sustainability hub, as described by its own documentation –

“It has been described as a green oasis in the suburbs…. A hidden patch of nature….. a valuable remnant of Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub….. prime bird habitat……. A regional centre for sustainability education.”

“a multi-use park used by people from the local area and beyond, the site is made up of a number of interconnected components – the randwick community centre buildings and their surrounding landscaping in the Munda Reserve, the Permaculture Interpretive Garden, The Classroom, the Wild Food and Habitat trails and the adjacent Randwick Environment Park.

The site is open to the public as 27 Munda St Randwick, and the website is, but if you are going by car and using a GPS, be aware it might try and take you through a nearby military base, but the guard will stop you!

Interpretive Signage explaining Sustainable features of the community buidings and garden are scattered throughout the site.

Back to the grid wind generator, coupled with solar panels on the northern roof provide year 'round energy

Composting toilet and water fill point

Inside the Community Centre - the wooden cupboards on the right hide the services

Coffee & tea plus kitchen area and more interpretive signage

and it all packs away!

The Permaculuture Garden

Vertical Gardening Options

And integral bug hotel!

Raised bed options

Water from the picnic area roof is stored in tanks

Overflow goes into this bed.....

........then down under the path........

........into this rain garden.......

.........under another path.......

.........and out into the rest of the garden!

Wicking Pots

"The Classroom" Teaching Space

Rear - showing tanks and trellis

Native Garden to the side of the the classroom

Nature Trail

Native bee hive on the nature trail

This is a bird waterer installed on a gabion. The wire mesh excludes larger birds while providing a refuge for smaller ones.

Close-up of the water entry point for the pool

This area is where the water from the garden and park drains to during we weather. It forms a lake, but the water drains into the sandy soil during dry weather as seen here. It is part of 13 acres of remnant Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub

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